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Already in his childhood, one could see how Sargee was magically attracted by music.
The kid could not let the fingers off anything making sounds. So it was clear that he
got his first guitar and tokk lessons since the age of nine. Even then he discovered
his favour for british pop music and he interpreted songs his own way.

In the end of the 80s Sargee began to write and produce own songs with the synth-
pop-duo "Clue". After an excursion into the world of reggae and Afro - Sounds, he turned
back to brit-pop in 1999, and founded the indie-band "The Globe". Sargee wrote in
this period over 40 songs and was full of creativity. There followed a lot of live gigs
including one at the Bayerischer Rundfunk together with the Banana Fishbones or at
the Backstage in Munich.

Since 2008 Sargee goes solo paths, and now writes his songs in german. With his
latest album he pays hommage to his second passion, the water. The entire album was
produced in-house production, with Tobias Wiendl from "The Globe" playing the bass. In
the songs Sargee combines all his style influences and passions.
"Water" is completely Sargee.